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Our study plans are designed based on the goals you need to reach. As a regular practice, we monitor the course progress, so that we can send regular information on performance evaluation, as well as progress reports and final results of each module.

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These courses are aiming at company employees whose English communication level is key to contribute to their company’s business and objectives.


These courses are aiming at foreign representatives who need to carry out business and professional activities in this country.


Basic Japanese courses for business, aiming at those who work in Japanese companies and wish to acquire communication tools.


French basic courses for business, aiming at those who work in French or French speaking companies and wish to acquire communication tools.

Language Services


Our Translators’ portfolio consists of highly qualified professionals.


We specialize on the various areas of the economical, academic and professional fields.

Proof Reading

The final touch in the wording of a document will always be the element to create the desired effect.

Speech Design

Working with the message our client sends to their audience involves a high degree of responsibility.

IBI Culture and Communication

IBI Culture and Communication is a language services company founded in 1978. From then on, we have been catering for the business sector and the sphere of independent professionals in the national and international community.

Over 40 years’ experience in the language communication market has given us the knowledge, expertise and adequate skills to provide our clients with language courses and translation and interpretation services, thus helping them achieve:

“Efficiency in Language Communication”