Speech design

Working with the message our client sends to their audience involves a high degree of responsibility.

Occasionally, it is necessary to prepare an important speech for an important audience. If you need to prepare a speech in English or in Spanish, when the target language is not your native language and you do not feel one hundred per cent confident as to which words to use and which the right pronunciation and intonation are, you will be better off by hiring this service. If the target audience cannot fully understand the message we want to convey, a very valuable opportunity to make the right impact will be lost! At IBI Culture and Communication, we can help you to prepare your speech in the best possible form before your target audience, even if you are not a native speaker of the target language, you will certainly make the right impression. This is the power of words!

This service may require a number of sessions and it is best to book well in advance. Be welcome to call us for further details.