These courses are aiming at foreign executives who need to carry out business and professional activities in this country. Not only will they learn the proper ways of expression in order to inter-act and perform in a business environment, but they will also develop the necessary skills to understand the business culture and idiosyncrasy of the economically active community in this country. These courses are also available for foreign visitors who would like to learn the language for cultural or academic purposes.

Small groups and individual classes.

curso Idioma Español

Types of courses:

Courses in-company and for independent professionals.

The participants in these courses will learn Spanish for survival and to use it on a day-to-day basis at the work place. They will acquire the necessary communication tools in order to inter-act with their colleagues, co-workers and business contacts in a simple and practical manner.

Social and cultural courses

These courses are delivered at the students’ address. They are intended to help the participant inter-act with the Spanish speaking community for socializing and for cultural purposes. Special attention is offered to foreign representatives’ spouses and children who temporarily live in this city.

Academic purposes coursess

These are Spanish language structure courses for those who are intending to take an examination in order to obtain a diploma or certificate from an official organization.

Spanish for Mexicans

Spelling, wording and writing style course.

This course has been designed for communication executives who are responsible for supervising the content quality, form and style of their Organizatio’s publications. The participants in this course will learn about the technical aspects for the correct use of the Spanish language in the various forms, mainly written production, which -by all means- will have a positive impact in their oral expression as well.

Small groups and individual classes.

Language courses for executives are provided at their business or personal address. This represents an important benefit as it saves commuting time. The courses may be also available at our facilities.