Language courses

Our objective is to tailor-make our courses in order to satisfy the specific requests of your Company.

You may choose the course modality:


At a distance

Our goal is to teach language communication so that the participant can acquire the necessary skills to perform spontaneously and naturally in the target language. This can certainly be achieved thanks to our System. We base our teaching on situational contexts which facilitates understanding and allows for natural use of language practice.

Our teachers may come to your business facilities!
Cursos de Idiomas IBI


We offer in-company courses and also attend independent professionals.

  • Regular courses
    • Fix day and fix time.
  • Special courses
    • Flexibility to re-programme sessions.

Small groups and individual classes.

Our language courses for executives are available at their business address. This avoids commuting and translates into important time optimization. These courses may also be available at our facilities.


These courses are aiming at company employees whose English communication level is key to contribute to their company’s business and objectives.


Basic Japanese courses for business, aiming at those who work in Japanese companies and wish to acquire communication tools.


These courses are aiming at foreign representatives who need to carry out business and professional activities in this country.


French basic courses for business, aiming at those who work in French or French speaking companies and wish to acquire communication tools.

Our System

The IBI System for language teaching and learning is communicative, practical and it is oriented to performing functions. Our teaching techniques are based on language understanding and on very carefully planned and organized practice. Our students learn by doing, they are the main actors on the learning stage. In this manner, each of our student is guided towards discovering their own potential in order to achieve their goals.

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Our teachers

Our teachers are carefully selected, highly qualified and trained in order to meet the demands and needs of our clients in a professional way. They are prepared and monitored by our academic area so that we can guarantee the adequate administration of the IBI system for language teaching and learning. Our teachers are committed to teaching, devoted to our students and service oriented. They are willing to offer their support at all times.

Profesores IBI

Our materials

Due to the high degree of customization of our services, we have a wide range of high quality materials intended to respond to the different profiles and learning needs of our students. Some of our materials are created and produced in our academic area. They are designed and prepared with utmost care and dedication. Likewise, we also make use of text materials produced by prestigious editorials of high reputation.

Needless to say that high quality content is common element in all our materials.

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